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5 Tools That Will Make Your SEO Life Much Easier

These tools will help your business grow, generate leads, develop customer loyalty, and make more money – all while keeping your clients and teams happy.

5 Tools That Will Make Your SEO Life Much Easier

Working with hundreds of clients and projects on a daily basis, digital agencies and SEO professionals with a lot of projects spend an enormous amount of time estimating, developing strategies, analyzing, and reporting.

Simultaneously, the business has to grow, generate leads, and develop customer loyalty. And, of course, make more money.

How in the world can you make all of these things happen while making your clients and teams happy at the same time?

Certainly, there are many ways for agencies and SEO pros to increase their revenue and customer loyalty regardless of whether it’s generated through new technologies or via enhanced internal processes.

Working close with agencies, though, we’ve identified five of the most common pain points they are struggling with:

  • Finding solutions on how to personalize and enhance relationships with their clients,
  • Finding new ways to generate leads.
  • Building better value proposition.
  • Accelerating strategy execution.
  • Creating more accurate forecasting.

Automation, new widgets, and tools are often the cure for the problems.

Below is a collection of tools and options that can help with reaching these objectives to the best satisfaction of all parties involved.

1. Generate More Qualified Leads Using Lead Generator Widget

Lead generator is a great tool that helps attract qualified leads using instant SEO audit as an attraction.

It’s a widget (or a webform, if you will) installed on your website that provides your potential clients with a detailed report on how well their webpage is optimized for a certain search query.

In exchange, you are getting their contact information along with their report ending up with a “hot” lead and a list of their problems at hand to start the conversation going.

There are some widgets on the market to choose from.

SE Ranking offers this option within their top plans. It looks very sleek and can be customized to reflect your unique brand styling.

PR and Digital Marketing Agency

The popped-out form:

PR and Digital Marketing AgencyPR and Digital Marketing Agency

Here is how easily (as simple as 1-2-3) you can customize and install the webform and start generating leads today:

Step 1: Select the widget type and install it: choose the form, the color, the budget, the text and where you want to place it on a site.

Lead Generation

Step 2: Add a small piece of the HTML code to your website pages.

Lead Generation

Step 3: Get alerts on new leads and convert them into your potential clients.

That’s it!

2. Build Trust & Personalize a Client-Agency Relationship

White Label is quite a popular option in SEO platforms as it is aimed at presenting your SEO services as your own technology. Not all of the SEO platforms offer White Label as part of the subscription. So, look for services like SE Ranking that has this option within their pricing plans.

The value of White Label in building trust and credibility with your clients is indisputable. With minimum development work, you can use your domain or subdomain to provide personalized SEO services to your clients. Let’s look inside the system to see how it works, using SE Ranking as an illustration.

By employing White Label option, you can customize the system to reflect your own interface and login page, change the header and footer of your own domain and adapt the look of email templates to fit your agency styling.

The reports you’ll be sending to your clients will look like they’ve been generated via your own SEO technology. Moreover, all your SEO reports can be sent via your own SMTP server.

Lead Generation

It is easy to add and manage users with custom access to other SEO features like rank tracking, backlink monitoring, website audit, etc. There is never a hint of connection between your agency and SE Ranking and since the platform is cloud-based, there are no hosting or maintenance issues.

3. Use Marketing Plan to Speed up Estimation & Enhance Accuracy

Regardless of how many times you’ve provided the estimation and developed a strategy for your clients, more often than not it takes an arm and a leg to create a document that’s both impressive and accurate.

What if you could automate this process and come up with a personalized plan built based on the best practices in the field – with the simple click of a mouse?

Tools like Marketing Plan from SE Ranking do just that.

Lead Generation

Automating the estimation and preliminary strategy within the initial stages of your sales cycle effectively cuts the time it takes to execute while ensuring accuracy.

Also, the beauty of it is in how easily you can customize the plan, add your points, get a complete list of tasks, and disperse these tasks among your team members. It’s like a mini project management tool at your fingertips with an SEO twist.

4.  Develop Ambassadors Using Top-Notch Reporting

Beautiful, detailed and comprehensive reports are the base of making your customers happy and thus, loyal. It’s also the most painful part for agencies since reports take so much time to develop.

Using reporting tools in an SEO platform makes this tedious task so much easier.

For example, the Report Builder from SE Ranking helps create professional reports and impress even the most demanding clients. You can add a personalized look to your reports by adding your logo and contact info in the header.

Additionally, make them easily accessible with the option to download them in different formats: .pdf, .xls, .html, .csv. You can send and get reports automatically to selected e-mails on a regular basis.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

The tool works in a manual, automatic, or scheduled mode. A nice touch is the Drag and Drop. These modules help make your SEO reports look comprehensive and elegant.

5. Budgeting Is a Science – Treat It Accordingly

Forecasting and the estimation of your SEO potential is a crucial puzzle piece for generating greater revenue while simultaneously making your clients happy.

You can still use Excel files and guess how much return on investment you might get from your SEO efforts. Or, you can use tools such as SEO Potential from SE Ranking to forecast and justify your budgeting.

This feature uses a sophisticated formula to predict the results of your SEO investments.

For example, by using this tool, you can easily predict how many clicks your client can get based on their search rankings. Alternatively, assess the expected traffic volume, quantity of clients and traffic cost via Google AdWords. You can then generate the reports and export them into different formats to present them in detail to your clients.

Lead Generation

In the modern business environment, making more money is not just about increasing your rates or advertising budget. It’s also about value proposition, business processes, and technologies. These are the factors that really affect the bottom of the funnel in the long run, as well as the overall health and business efficiency of your organization.

Using platforms such as SE Ranking, which offers basically everything that you need to successfully operate your digital agency or provide freelance services, might help eliminate unnecessary clutter and complexity while helping you grow a prosperous business and long-term client relationships in the tough field of digital marketing.

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29- Jun2017
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Why Do Small Businesses Shirk SEO?

Plenty of small business marketers have embraced social media, but many are neglecting SEO, or search engine optimization.

It’s a challenge to stay afloat as a small business today. Budgets are stretched and competition is stiff. Customers expect more and more.

So why not embrace one of the most effective ways to grow your business? Why not gain an edge by using a marketing tactic so many of your peers have overlooked?

Why not invest in search engine optimization?

Plenty of small business marketers have embraced social media. However, only 28 percent of the small business owners we surveyed for WASP Barcode Technologies’ “2017 “State of Small Business Report” said they use search engine optimization (SEO). And the smaller a company is, the less likely they are to use it. Only 25 percent – one in four – of companies with five to 10 employees are doing SEO.

Yet, SEO is the most effective marketing tactics available to small businesses. BrightLocal’s 2015 survey of small businesses found that SEO came in second place (only after word of mouth) as the most effective internet marketing tactic.

So why the disconnect? Well, if you look closer, there are a number of reasons why:

1. Trust

Almost every business owner has heard horror stories of a company that hired a shady SEO company and then either lost most of their rankings or was outright banned by Google. Another common anecdote is a small business that has spent lots of money on SEO only to get poor results or no results.

2. Complexity

SEO is complex – there’s no way around it. That complexity makes it hard for the average small business owner to tell whether or not a hired SEO is telling them the truth. And even if the small business owner asks a business friend if they know of an SEO company that’s good, that referral may be based on limited information.

When you factor in the typical two to three-month delay in seeing results from SEO efforts, it’s no wonder why it’s hard to find a reliable SEO. (Though there is a very good list here.)

Complexity is an issue for all business owners who would prefer to do SEO themselves. Unfortunately, SEO is not something you can learn and master in a couple of hours. And given that most small businesses don’t outsource their marketing, that means going outside to hire an SEO firm (or any marketing vendor) is something they’re not used to doing.

3. Expense

Small business marketing budgets tend to be tight. Good SEO tends to be expensive. It’s not a great combination.

But many small companies try to save money. They use inexpensive SEO firms that employ shady tactics to get their pages ranked. At first, everything seems fine, but then Google releases another update and the rankings tank. The SEO firm pleads, “This is just what happens.”

Now the small company is not only out of all that budget they’ve spent – they’ve also lost those search rankings and all the traffic to their website those rankings were generating. That can cause a major disruption in a business. Just ask anyone who’s ever been badly burned by an algorithm update. It can take months to recover. No wonder small businesses are leery of SEO.

4. Time

Patience is hard to come by. But SEO rewards patience in spades.

It takes time to build good rankings – sometimes months or even years. And there’s often a gap of several months between trying a new SEO tactic (like blogging, for example) and seeing results.

Compare that to advertising, where results are almost immediate, or a direct mail campaign, an email blast or almost other kinds of promotion.

Of course, this isn’t a problem just because small business owners are impatient. Many owners have patience galore. What they don’t have is an unlimited amount of cash. The pressures of cash flow are always on their mind.

What can you do about all this?

Should we just give up and not even try SEO for our businesses? Of course not. We just need to take the long view. That’s what SEO requires more than almost any other marketing tactic (except maybe content marketing, which is practically a sister to SEO).

There are three basic rules to apply to SEO for small businesses. They counteract all the issues mentioned above:

  • Learn the basics. You may not have days to learn SEO, but there are some good basic tutorials that can help a lot. If nothing else, they’ll educate you enough to hire a quality SEO firm and not get burned by somebody promising to “Get your site to the top of the search results.”
  • Stay patient. Good SEO takes time.
  • Invest wisely. Good SEO costs money.


While it’s disappointing to see so many small businesses missing out on the benefits of SEO, there could be a silver lining to it for you.

If you’re among the minority who can commit to this tactic, who can invest in it (if only a little) for the long term, you’ll have a major advantage over your peers. And once you start seeing results, you’ll have a free stream of traffic going to your site. That SEO traffic will also be more likely to convert and more likely to come back.

What do you think?

Are you doing any search engine optimization for your small business? Is it working? Which optimization tactics have worked best? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Source: Why Do Small Businesses Shirk SEO?