Key Performance Metrics

Before you invest in any digital company INCLUDING Guardian Owl Digital Boutique you should have a great grasp on what KPI's are important and what they all mean.

Clicks – This is a measurement of how many times your ad was clicked on.

Impressions – This is a measurement of how many times your ad was served in a search phrase. Think of impressions as a billboard. People noticed your ad but did not take action.

Click-Thru-Rate – Known as CTR this measurement tracks the effectiveness of impressions to clicks. So if your ad received 100 impressions and you got 10 clicks you would have a 10% CTR. The higher the click-thru-rate the better the overall setup and management of your account. A good paid search manager will constantly pull keywords and create new adgroups in addition to split testing ad copy to increase CTR.

Average Cost Per Click – This is a measurement of what you are paying on average for someone to click on your ad.

Cost – This is a measurement of your overall spend for a specific campaign. If you are a home services contractor and run multiple profit centers you can easily set budget and manage cost to a specific category and segment the result.

Average Position – This is a measurement of how you stack up in the market place. It tells you where your current placement is. There is a common misconception that you need to be the biggest bidder to achieve first position in paid search. This is true to a certain extent but it is also true that if you have a high quality score and your adgroup is setup where the keywords you are using are relevant to the search term, ad copy and landing page you can trump a big bidder and gain a higher placement based on the quality of your setup. At Guardian Owl Digital we believe this is one of the most important KPI's for your paid search campaign.

Calls – This is a measurement of how many calls or leads you received from your efforts. When we work with a client we track calls with our call tracking platform which is tied directly into Google Analytics – so at the end of the month you can actually see calls, what terms were used and they are stamped on your traffic report. Maintaining this type of historical data will help you with your planning year over year.

Click to Call Conversion – This is a measurement of overall campaign effectiveness and if you were to only track a handful of metrics this is a good one. This measures the amount of clicks it takes to make the phone ring. This is a good indicator of how well your landing page is performing. A low click to call conversion will prompt a good paid search manager to split test your landing page copy and/or design.

Share of Voice- This is a way of measuring an amount of advertising presence or strength for your company through paid search in your targeted geography. This is another very important KPI for our clients.

Quality Score- Another variable used by Google, Yahoo, and Bing that can influence both the rank and cost per click of your ads!