At Guardian Owl Digital we believe in getting you a return on your investment and with digital, it’s easy to track. We link every Adwords account with your owned Google Analytics account so your traffic and ad cost is completely transparent.  There are hundreds of ways to track the factors that are essential in converting your audience. Below are a few optimization factors we focus on to drive form submissions, phone calls, and critical shopper engagement metrics.


Traffic Sources- Where is your traffic coming from? More importantly, how is it converting?  We dive into your analytics and consult on your current audience and ways we can increase relevance.  Direct, paid, organic, and referral are the big four and different goals should be set up to learn how to optimize each source separately.

Unique Visitors- Is your paid search campaign driving new visitors to your website? At Guardian Owl we strive to not only generate increased unique visitors but new shoppers that will convert!  We measure the userability for first time visitors to enhance conversions over time.  It’s important to separate these goals within Google Analytics’ to help you improve your on-site SEO.

Interactions per Visit- How long is your paid traffic engaged?  Are you converting quality traffic to your site or are the new visitors leaving without engaging with your product or services?  Interactions per visit helps you measure the average engagement rate and what elements of your website may need improved to help deliver more interactions per shopper.


Quality traffic and the amount of engagement on your website is the thermometer to increase conversions.